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Robert Wayner featured as "Best Woodworker" in 2006 Best of Chicago issue of Chicago Magazine.  Black Walnut/Robert
Wayner Gallery
also  featured in New York Times Style Magazine, Chicago Home and Garden Magazine, Chicago Social
Magazine, Chicago Reader, Chicago Journal, Chicago Life, The Chicago Tribune, CS Interiors, Chicago Art Review,
Chicago New City, Mennonite Weekly Review, Chicago Jewish News, Chicago Art Magazine
and Image Magazine.
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The year 2010 marks the one hundred year anniversary of the disappearance of the
original Brown Dog statue in the Battersea neighborhood in London, erected in
memory of the small brown terrier who in 1903 at a University of London medical
lecture hall had been stretched on his back on an operating board with his legs bound,
his head clamped, and his mouth muzzled.  His pancreas had been removed, his
pancreatic duct ligated, and his salivary glands subjected to electrical shock—all of
this, according to witnesses, without any anesthesia having been administered.  The
dog’s vocal chord nerves had been cut to keep it from barking or howling and for the
duration of the demonstrative lecture it writhed in agony, fully conscious.  At the end of
the lecture he was killed with a knife.
The Brown Dog Affair: 100 Years Later
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robert wayner
rex sexton
This horrific incident, witnessed by infiltrators, brought to the fore of the Western consciousness the appalling
practice of vivisection.  In commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Brown Dog Sculpture, which
disappeared on the night of March 10, 1910, the Black Walnut/Robert Wayner Gallery will be curating an art
exhibit entitled
“The Brown Dog Affair: 100 Years Later”. To learn more about the Brown Dog Affair, as well
as instructions for submitting, please click
Upcoming Art Exhibit