For the art-minded bride and groom or anyone
interested in beginning or expanding an art collection,
Robert Wayner/Black Walnut Gallery provides a gift
registry service. The gallery features contemporary
artwork by emerging and established artists, as well as
custom furniture.  Your guests can purchase a unique
gift from among the pieces you have registered for, or
apply their money toward a higher priced piece. Gift
registry allows you to own art that will bring you joy for
years to come because you chose it yourself!

Keep this unique service in mind for weddings,
birthdays, graduations, or any special celebration.  

For more information on gift registry, contact the gallery
at 312.286.2307.
Gift Registry
Rex Sexton, Bull Fight, acrylic/canvas, 36”X 48” $ 3,200
John Pugh, Got My Eye On You, pigmented resin on
, 24”X36”  $ 2,200